What People Are Saying

Hey Shari, thanks for the class tonight. It was great. I feel amazing and am bouncing off the walls. There was a great feel to it and I think you’re doing an amazing job. Once again thanks for being part of our community and may the light, peace and truth be with you. Namaste


I am quite new to yoga but have tried it at two studios in Sydney and I never thought I would find such an amazing yoga studio in my new hometown Masterton. The quality of the studio and the teachers is of such high standards. I love how it affects me, I can go into class in a bad mood and come out a different person. It’s helping my fitness and mental wellbeing de-stressing my life from the busy lifestyle of work and study. Thank you for being so welcoming and I look forward to the long future with you all and the amazing changes to my mind and body.


I had the best yoga session tonight and with only two classes a week I am seeing huge progress in my body’s ability and in my mind. I wish I’d started years ago. Big thanks to the wonderful Shari and her team.


Dear Shari, it’s been a pleasure to be part of your yoga sessions. Thank you very much! You inspire me- as a teacher and just a wonderful person. All the best for you (and your beautiful studio).


At 67 years of age, I am enjoying my first experience of yoga twice weekly. My family and friends are now commenting on my increased fitness and positive outlook in life! Yoga is clearly for the mind and body. Come and join me to find a new lease of life!


You might not remember me, my name is Brenda Doherty and I attended some of your classes whilst I was on holiday and staying in Greytown with my son. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed coming to the classes and how friendly and welcoming you, the instructors and all the participants were. I am now back in the UK and back to the grind. Hope you are all well and when I come back to Greytown I’ll come to see you. Thank you very much.I really enjoyed the classes.


Thank you to all of my fellow yogis for making my yoga experience so valuable. I appreciate all your friendship and support. Thanks to Shari Karina Mark and Charlotte for putting up with me. I have had a ball! All the best for 2015 & further. See you all in Noosa sometime. Thanks


Pregnancy Yoga

I started Karina’s antenatal yoga class at 28 weeks and attended my last class 3 days before my son was born. This was my third pregnancy, and it was fabulous. I felt fit, comfortable and most importantly relaxed and mentally and physically prepared for the birth, which I believe was largely due to attending antenatal yoga classes. I had a fantastic labour and planned home birth. Our beautiful, happy baby has remained content and relaxed and now attends Karina’s post natal Mums and Bubs yoga classes 🙂


I was initially a little shy about joining preggy yoga as I didn’t know anyone else going and I hadn’t done any yoga for years. However, Karina makes everyone feel so welcome and is an excellent teacher. I absolutely recommend this low-impact, relaxing class to any potential Mum – both as a bit of “time out” as well as excellent prep for labour and all that follows.