The Hot Yoga studio's core classic class. The room is heated with humidity to prevent injury, promote detoxification, and enhance a deeper release within the body. The heating conditions are ideal for a class sequence of 25 - 30 postures (asanas) that strengthen the skeletal structure and muscles. This Hot Yoga class is a total body workout, suitable for the beginner, intermediate, or advanced practitioner. 60 - 75 minute classes are scheduled.



Known as 'Vinyasa Yoga' meaning 'flow' is a stress freestyle yoga class that links poses together by connective momentum of breath and movement. This power style class is a dynamic, energising form exercise that sculpts, hones, tones, and strengthens every muscle in the body. This class is the perfect blend of sweat and serenity. The room is moderately heated. A class that all Yogi's must try. 75 minute class is scheduled.



This class is for one hour to suit the busy lifestyles when you can only spare the hour. The same as our Hot Yoga Classic class - a good mix of balance, flow, and strength yoga. 60 minute class is scheduled.


The Yin Yoga class concentrates on floor postures (asanas) that stretch connective tissue, ligaments, and fascia that connect bone to bone at the joints. An excellent way to assist with opening up joint tissue areas of the body. Yin classes focus on postures that are held for longer periods of time to improve mobility and strength. The room is warmed to assist in calming of the mind, body, and spirit. Yin is also great for top training athletes wanting to stretch, protect, and strengthen their joints. Excellent beginners class. 60 - 90 minute classes are scheduled.



This class is like our Hot Flow Yoga class with an upbeat of energy. Yes, the Hot Rock yoga is flowing to rock music. Classic rock music (not loud) with traditional Vinyasa flow yoga. Our new Sunday morning class is looking to rock the studio once a month. Suitable for everyone with rock music minds and yoga flow bodies. Enjoy this light hearted class.75 minute class is scheduled. 



The Spilt Class of Flow Vinyasa and Yin providing the great balance of breath flow with strengthening and then to slow it down to YIN poses and hold some poses for time. This is becoming a popular class for those that have only done YIN Classes and are now ready to explore this split class and work on their breath and flow.



Our Beginners Classes (BBB) are a flavour for those coming back to try yoga again or have yet to start. These workshop style classes over the four consecutive Monday evenings at 7:00pm provide the pathway to starting your yoga here at the studio. We keep it light, fun and students explore what it is to know the breath, how the body moves through our joint range, what ‘Downward Facing Dog’ is all about, stretching, and yes, how you can touch your toes. We assist you in knowing your body and ways to modify to get you along the yoga path…. A great path of beginnings and beyond. This class is generally run by Shari herself.  Check which months this class is running, as it may vary from time to time. Register HERE

qi Gong with Shane orr

Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine - Shane Orr has practiced Qi Gong for 16-17 years now. 

Qigong can empower people to connect to themselves and to nature, this will influence their own health, both through movement and cultivation of Qi (a force that pervades everything).
Qigong is a series of static and moving exercises, postures which are proven to be very powerful in creating Qi. Moving Qi through our bodies for healing purposes and enhancing our life force, intuition and changing our perception.